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Phuket is a tropical island of amazing beauty. Wonderful white sandy beaches, green hills, and calm emerald and turquoise waters have attracted people to Phuket for centuries. But the island boasts more than just stunning beaches. Phuket has many natural attractions such as ancient forests, national parks, nature reserves, and places for diving and snorkeling. Phuket is also rich in cultural and historical attractions. The island's cultural attractions include temples, museums, and magnificent historical architecture.

Phuket has the status of one of the most popular resorts in Thailand. In addition to the gentle sea and white beaches, there are many interesting sights here that will make your vacation truly unforgettable. You can plan your entire trip with Sky Fly Trips at a pocket-friendly budget including affordable flight tickets, luxurious hotel stays, and many more deals

So, what excursions should you plan before your trip to Phuket?

Be sure to visit the orchid garden and Buddhist temple. For the thrill, you can go to the snake farm. Another exotic awaits vacationers in the Phuket Aquarium. Get acquainted with Thai culture and traditions in an ethnographic village called "Phuket Thai Village". Here you will be shown bright dance shows, the best martial arts tournaments, and even a national wedding.

The rest of the time can be devoted to the following equally famous sights of Phuket.

1. Phuket landmarks

Phuket landmarks. The most important and interesting sights of Phuket are photos and videos, descriptions and reviews, location, sites.

2. Phuket Aquarium

If diving is not your thing, you can get to know the marine life live by visiting the Phuket Aquarium. And although it does not claim to be the world's largest oceanarium, several hundred species of fish and other exotic marine inhabitants are represented here. Scuba divers feed sharks and other marine life from the hands of the spectators.

3. Phuket, Big Buddha Phuket

In Thailand, Big Buddha figures are found in almost all major temples. It is impossible not to notice them due to their enormous size. In Phuket, the statue rises at an altitude of almost 0.5 km and is visible from different parts of the island.

4. Phuket Thai Village

If you want to truly immerse yourself in Thai culture and traditions, rather than an all-inclusive beach vacation, feel free to go on an excursion to the Thai village of Phuket. This is an amazing place where you will be shown the best dance shows, sword fighting, and Muay Thai.

5. Wat Chalong Temple

There are over 30 Buddhist temples in Phuket, but perhaps the most famous is Wat Chalong. It remains a mystery in what year it was built, but if you believe the surviving writings, Wat Chalong is at least 150 years old. The Thai resort is famous for its Buddhist temples, so be sure to include the most famous temple of Wat Chalong in the list of visited attractions in Phuket.

6. Phuket Botanical Garden

The Phuket Botanical Garden is recognized by travelers as one of the most impressive places on the island, but most of all, of course, gardening and botanical lovers will like it here. The garden was opened in 2012, and today it covers an area of about 10 thousand square meters.

7. Nakha Pearl Farm

The beautiful half of holidaymakers in Thailand usually do not miss the opportunity to admire the exquisite pearls grown on local farms. The boat trip to Nakha Farm adds a special romance to the trip.

8. Phuket snake farm

Many people fly to Phuket in search of exotic things: to see the local rich nature, swim in the azure sea, and taste outlandish fruits, as well as the famous Thai massage. Meanwhile, the resort has an attraction that will more than cover all these exotic surroundings. You can experience everyday shows with the participation of king cobras and pythons for tourists.

9. Cape Promthep

Promthep Cape is considered one of the best sunset spots in the world. This is why this observation deck at the southern tip of Phuket attracts many tourists and wedding processions, and these landscapes are so popular on the postcards of Thailand.

10. Thalang National Museum

If you decide to switch from beach activities to sightseeing while vacationing in Phuket, then you should visit one of the two main cities of the island - Thalang. The most interesting place here is the National Museum, which can be described as local history.

11. Sirinath National Park

Sirinath National Park is a favorite vacation spot for many tourists in Phuket. And that's why. On a huge territory (the area of the reserve is about eight thousand hectares) there are three comfortable beaches, tropical forests untouched by civilization, and the shores of the park are washed by the cleanest sea.

12. Phuket Night Market

On vacation, you want not only to swim and perform an excursion program but also to buy something for yourself and your friends and relatives who have stayed at home. And since the vacation budget is melting before our eyes, the market is the optimal solution for the budget-conscious.

13. Park "Fantasy" in Phuket

Tourists who have visited the Fantasy entertainment complex in Phuket write rave reviews about it. This place is an excellent continuation of the holiday for vacationers on the Kamala coast or in the wild Patong area.

14. Phuket Butterfly Garden

Phuket Butterfly Garden is an amazing place to visit when visiting this resort. Of course, the generous Thai nature has already endowed everything around with fragrant tropical plants and sweet-voiced birds, but in Phuket's Butterfly Garden you will see something more and more amazing.

15. Phuket Orchid Garden

Holidays in Phuket are called a paradise for a reason: in addition to the inviting gentle sea, exotic plants bloom and smell at every step on the island. Especially in the Thai resort, there are many orchids. If royal flowers are on your list of favorites, be sure to plan an excursion to Phuket Orchid Garden. Here you will see about 1,500 species of exotic orchids, and you can also buy jewelry made from real flowers as a keepsake.

16. Elephant sanctuary in Phuket

Phuket Elephant Sanctuary is the first nature reserve in Phuket where old, sick, and wounded elephants receive the help of specialists, and then live in their natural habitat: they walk in the jungle, swim in ponds, wallow in the mud, and communicate with each other.

These were the best places in Phuket, interesting places in Phuket in summary. If you are interested to visit Phuket, we advise you to book your flight tickets now!