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Imagine: here you are packing your things, grab your passport and, in a panic, ran out of the house, take the cab to the airport and reach your destination - the gate - almost without delay.Yes, you left your phone charger at home and didn't buy your favorite morning coffee, but it doesn't matter anymore. After all, you have been waiting for this moment for months, dreamed of it since childhood, and now, finally, it has come: you are going on a journey around the world. However, you can experience fabulous vacations without breaking the bank. Do you wonder how? With Sky Fly Trips you can get the best airfare deals anywhere in the world.

I think we all dream of something like that. So, I asked some of my nicest colleagues which destinations and countries they would go to and why


(Don't forget to share your dream countries at the end of the article!)


: The Finnish capital has everything I need to be happy: unique design, “coffee culture” and breathtaking architectural creations, among which you can take a walk and relax from the noise of coffee houses, and also think about modern art and furniture that you want to buy.


I am surprisingly attracted to the traditions and peculiarities of Japanese culture - and I have not yet told you about food or a cafe with cats. I think that always in a hurry, a little crazy and colorful Tokyo will be in perfect harmony with the next direction I have chosen.


I want to learn how to surf, and swallowing a lot of saltwater while struggling vainly on the board will certainly make my Hawaii learning even more fun. So many times I have imagined myself lying in a hammock, eating pineapple and talking about how I caught such a wave, to the sounds of a ukulele!

Cape Town:

I've always wanted to visit Cape Town. I heard that their culture is somewhat underestimated, but very cool and unlike any other. So, I think everyone should get to know her someday. Plus, I love elephants and want to see them in their natural habitat.


They say this city has a soul. Well, or was, at least. But seriously, I want to go there, at least to try the local cuisine. Google "samgyeopsal", "dakgalbi", "gogigui" and you will see what I mean.

San Francisco:

This is one of the must-see cities in America, which I, however, have not seen. San Francisco is on the coast. I could describe it as: it’s always the weather here, I don’t-go-out-of-the-house-without-a-cozy-sweater and God-how-many-bakeries here. But this is what makes it perfect. And some of its views are so beautiful that it will take your breath away and will not let go.

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