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Where to Eat Deliciously for $ 10: the Best Restaurants in New York

Where to Eat Deliciously for $ 10: the Best Restaurants in New York

It is quite difficult to answer the question of what the cuisine of New York is, due to the multicultural composition of the population as possible. Which is naturally reflected in the kitchen and restaurants. On the other hand, Big Apple has a good range of culinary traditions that belong primarily to it - from street hot dogs for a couple of dollars to the famous New York cheesecake.

You can save on air ticket booking as well on your food expense while travelling. Sky Fly Trips presents you the list of best restaurants in New York:

Asya Gorbacheva

Michelin stars, $ 100 fixed menus, weekly lines to see trendy chefs are just one side of New York's multifaceted restaurant culture. Surprisingly, it’s true - in this city you can have a great meal even for $ 10. Inexpensive places create around themselves no less excitement than the most eminent establishments. Here are the best ones.


What's better than a good old New York bagel for breakfast? A hearty bagel with cream cheese or salmon can be found on almost every street, but if you want a real, guaranteed fresh bagel, don't go anywhere. Ess-A-Bagel will definitely never let you down: they have kept traditions since the 70s and still collect queues on weekends. If you find it difficult to choose between different types, take one that is still warm. This happiness will cost you somewhere in the 4-5 dollars.

Otto's Tacos

A small cafe with authentic tacos in the East Village opened a little over a year ago and immediately hit the various gastronomic tops of New York. They are loved for their homemade taco shells, secret sauce and crunchy masa fries. During less busy hours, for example, at the beginning of the week in the afternoon, Ottos Tacos prepares a secret dish called gorgan, which you will not see on the menu. Ask the waiters about it and, if you're lucky, it will be on your plate.


If you are looking for inexpensive oriental food, head to Taim. Here you will find classic Israeli cuisine with a fresh twist. The best falafel in town comes in three flavors: green, with charisa and red pepper. In addition, pita is accompanied by perfect cole slow, tahini and fresh homemade sauces. A simple falafel will cost about $ 7, which is considered quite expensive for this dish, but the quality will be appropriate.

Beyond sushi

Sushi with fish? No, we haven't heard that. A small café in the Union Square area serves only vegetarian variations of everyone's favorite Japanese dish. Cucumbers and avocados are far from the menu. The variety is surprising: there are mushrooms, and sweet potatoes, and mangoes, and nuts, and bean sprouts ... Plus, instead of white rice, they use dark, healthier rice. Even if you're skeptical about the no-salmon and no California rolls, give Beyond Sushi a try.


Maman's is a great spot for a light lunch while running through Soho's galleries and shops. A very cute looking French bistro that offers a good selection of healthy seasonal salads, sandwiches and quiches for around $ 6-7 per item. They are also loved for desserts - chocolate cookies and muffins are especially famous. When you go inside, do not be alarmed by the size of the cafe: on the left there is a passage into the interior, where all the tables are located.

Sullivan Street Bakery

Sullivan Street Bakery is famous primarily for its bread and focaccia. Its founder, Jim Lahey, developed a whole theory of making flour products without painstaking kneading of dough. Try the perfect thin-crust pizzas with a crispy crust and a variety of seasonal toppings, followed by a signature Italian donut for dessert. The Chelsea branch is a great place to dine if you are walking through the local galleries.

Num pang sandwich shop

Vietnamese-Cambodian sandwiches in another small New York chain are the perfect solution for those looking for a filling and budget-friendly meal. Baguette, Asian spices, vegetables, meat or tofu and, of course, peanut sauce - sounds delicious, doesn't it? Plus, it's a safe bet for dining in the Times Square area.

Dig Inn Seasonal Market

New York health food chain that operates in a buffet style. A seasonal organic plate of several salads will set you back about $ 8. At Dig Inn, the menu focuses on vegetables. The salads here are mostly vegetarian. Try smoked tofu or chickpeas with cauliflower. Among the hot dishes, there are always meat and fish dishes