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A long flight, albeit to a heavenly corner of the Earth, is a tiring business. Imagine, for example, that you have to spend 12 hours in a cramped chair surrounded by strangers. Sky Fly Trips tells you how to prepare for such a journey, how to dress, what to eat and drink, and what to do onboard to get off the ramp at your destination in good health.

Are you planning to spend more than two or three hours on the plane?

For example, Delta Air Lines provides you with comfort throughout your flight, still, you need to keep up with a few things.


Think not about the beauty of the clothes, but their comfort. If you are flying not in a warm season (and/or to a place where it will be cool), then try to dress in layers so that you can react to the temperature in the cabin by putting on or taking off something.

Give preference to cotton items that do not hinder movement. Say no to skinny jeans, leather goods, and short shorts - these things will be uncomfortable to sit in for a long time.


A day before the flight, you should not overeat, especially to gorge on products that are unusual for you. Give preference to regular and simple foods that are easy to digest: chicken, fish, rice.

A few hours before the flight, you can have a snack, but pay attention to the "black list", products from which nutritionists do not recommend eating before the trip: fatty and smoked foods, carbonated drinks, legumes, hamburgers, and other fast food, odorous foods (for example, onions and garlic), rye bread, apples, grapes, cherries. These foods can cause stomach discomfort.

If you have a long flight, then on the day of departure, you can take activated charcoal at the rate of 1 tablet per 10 kg of weight.


Dehydration is a common situation in flight, so it is best to drink at least 150 ml of water every hour, and other drinks should be drunk wisely. Tea and coffee contain caffeine, so if you want to get some sleep, then it is better to skip them. Carbonated drinks can cause heaviness and flatulence in the stomach.

Alcohol can also cause dehydration, but a glass of dry white wine can go on, but red is more likely to cause a headache. Nutritionists recommend choosing tomato and orange juice or fruit drink.

Entertainment and Comfort

Finally, the main recommendations: Following are the 6 Things you can do on a long Delta flight.

1. Book your seats wisely. For example, emergency exit seats usually have more legroom or no third seat at all, so this is a great option for two people flying.

2. Consider onboard entertainment ahead of time - take a book with you, download a TV series to your tablet, or download a game such as checkers or naval combat - you can play them together.

3. Take the opportunity to get a good night's sleep. Ask the stewards for a blanket. And you can take a pillow for your neck and a mask for sleeping with you.

4. Buy fabric face masks in advance - they are easy to use on the road and impossible to get dirty. This will save your skin from the effects of dry air in the cabin.

5. Check the in-flight magazines. Take a travel guide with you to plan a detailed itinerary for your next trip on the plane.

6. Clean up your smartphone space: remove unnecessary apps, emails, and photos. So, on vacation, you will always have a place for new photos, and you can start shooting on board, especially if you are sitting at the window.

Don't forget to bring a portable charger with you to keep your gadgets working for the entire flight and beyond.

If you plan a trip to a distant location, we advise you to book flights in advance. You can get discounted flight tickets if you choose to travel with transfers. You can save money for your future journeys with Sky Fly