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Are you planning for solo travel? Going on vacation alone is scary for girls, especially abroad and for the first time. But the experience of solo traveling proves that you will get a good experience on this adventure as from a trip together or in a company. Sky Fly Trips provide you with a complete guide on traveling solo at most safety and comfort.

1. Pack your suitcase carefully

A properly assembled suitcase or backpack on a solo trip is a guarantee of autonomy. Since there is no company, you will not be able to borrow a forgotten thing from another person. To ensure that you are fully armed on the trip, we have compiled a checklist:

Passport: it is needed not only to move around the country but also to check into a hotel or apartment and in some other situations, for example, to buy alcohol;

Chargers - for all gadgets that you take with you;

1. Power Bank;

2. City bag and shopper;

3. Deodorant. If you are flying on an airplane and only carry hand luggage, do not choose a deodorant aerosol - it will not be allowed on board;

4. Toothbrush and paste;

5. Shower gel and shampoo;

6. Face and body cream;

7. Sun protection cream;

8. Comb;

First aid kit: put in it anesthetic, antidiarrheal, antiviral, and antipyretic;

Several sets of clothes: it is advisable that things do not wrinkle and do not take up half of your luggage, so a dress with a fluffy skirt is not the best option; Comfortable shoes.

2. Don't take unnecessary things

Give up a kilogram cosmetic bag, heavy hair styling tools, and other weighty things. They will make your luggage heavy, and you will have to carry it yourself. In addition, you will need to take a backpack or suitcase to the airport or train station with you everywhere: even to go to the toilet.

To further protect your luggage, buy a small code lock.

Don't bring giant bottles of shower gel or shampoo with you. Buy them in travel format or pour them into containers from the travel kit: they are sold in almost all beauty stores.

3. Make copies of documents

Copies of your passport and insurance policy will come in handy if you accidentally lose the originals (or get stolen). Do not carry them with you; let them lie “at home”. And do not keep copies together with the original documents - otherwise, the meaning is lost.

Just in case, send copies to yourself by email. Try to print out your booking confirmation and plane or train tickets. Usually, they are not asked, but there are situations when they are asked to show.

4. Write down important contacts in your notebook

It will come in handy if your phone breaks down, runs out of power or you lose it. Among the contact numbers, there should be numbers of close relatives, for example, mom and dad, friends who can help, the number of the hotel or the owner of the apartment in which you live: all of a sudden, the keys to the apartment will also be lost.

5. Check the menstrual calendar

Even if your period falls for a while right after the trip, take hygiene products with you anyway: the body can behave unpredictably. This is especially true for those who use menstrual cups, because they are not available everywhere, unlike pads or tampons.

6. Take cash and spend money wisely

Various troubles can happen with a plastic card. For example, the bank will consider that you are spending too much in a non-standard place, that is, you are behaving strangely, and will block it.

Take at least a few dollars in cash: they will be enough for getting around the city and food. Also, don’t spend your cash on unnecessary things. The first step to save money is buyingCheap Delta Flight Tickets. By doing so you can make savings for your vacation.

7. Don't keep your money in one place

And don't carry the entire amount with you. Otherwise, if you become a victim of thieves, you will lose all your money at once.

You can hide banknotes in the hotel in a secret compartment of a suitcase or backpack, in a first-aid kit (in a medicine box), in a spare trousers pocket. Make some hiding places and, most importantly, do not forget about them.

While walking, leave some of the money in your wallet, but the rest in different pockets put it under a smartphone case, or hide it in some unexpected place, for example, is a cosmetic bag or a package with dry paper handkerchiefs. You can hide money, keys, and other valuables while relaxing on the beach in an empty sunscreen jar.

8. Find out everything about the place where you will live

Explore the city you are traveling to remotely before traveling. Check:

Public transport. What is it, how much does the ticket cost, is it possible to get on it from the airport to the center;

Attraction. Not only the ones that are included in the guidebooks but also the places that the locals advise;

Food. Where can you eat profitably, buy groceries;

dangerous areas. In most cities, some places are best avoided. Especially in the dark. Especially girls.

9. Remember to be in control

Do not forget to monitor your safety: you are alone on this journey, if anything, you will have to get out of difficult situations on your own. To further protect yourself:

1. Take out an insurance policy;

2. Avoid unofficial taxis, ride and give up hitchhiking;

3. Do not leave your drinks unattended: it is easy to add sleeping pills, drugs;

4. Drink only from those bottles that you have opened;

5. Do not visit new acquaintances if you are not sure of their intentions;

6. Leave your route to someone close to you, periodically inform them about how the journey is going.

10. Choose a safe Stay

Be sure to read reviews of the hotel, hostel, or apartment you intend to stay at. Pay attention to the description of the booked accommodation, there may be many surprises. For example, the room might be windowless or a deposit might be required.

In 2021, it is better to choose housing with contactless check-in to avoid personal contact.