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Traveling to Japan? Get answers to some FAQs with Sky Fly Trips

Traveling to Japan? Get answers to some FAQs with Sky Fly Trips

In April 2021, I went on vacation to Japan. I spent two weeks there, visited Kyoto, Tokyo, the mountain resort of Hakone, the ancient capital of Nara,and the ancient Buddhist monastery. I found out that Japan is amazing for independent travel.

Let's go to Japan! Everything is ready with Sky Fly Trips: hotels booked, tickets in your pocket, visa in your passport, the route was drawn up. You can call a taxi and go to the airport. But wouldn't it be better to sit down on the path and learn about some of the pitfalls that await gullible tourists during their trip to the Land of the Rising Sun?

What do you need to know before traveling to Japan?

Japanese people speak Japanese and English

This heading reflects the essence of local realities. Each country speaks its state language. In Japan, there is a deceptive feeling that everyone here, from babies to 100-year-old grandmothers, is fluent in Japanese. Alas, as in other countries, only a few individuals speak English here.

Where did the robots go?

While robots do not walk the streets, and all service (with rare exceptions) is on the shoulders of ordinary Japanese. Even hotels, where all the work was heaped on robots, are rapidly closing due to their imperfections. Of course, someone has robotic vacuum cleaners running around the house. But that's all. If you want to see something different and get one peek into the future, head to the team Lab Borderless Museum in Tokyo.

In Japan, drive on the left

Of course, if you live in the UK or Malaysia, left-hand traffic is not a curiosity for you. And if you come from another part of the world, then this is worth paying special attention to. Understanding with your head that you first have to look to the right when you cross the road is one thing, but to face the fact that a car suddenly drives towards you and the driver says something unfriendly is another.

What about taxes and tips?

Tipping is not accepted. Trying to tip can be considered an insult. Inexpensive hotels and restaurants, a service charge of 10-15% is often added to the bill.

What is the procedure for tickets and their booking?

As you already understood, residents have a rich cultural life, and they strive to get to various events as early as possible. Therefore, tickets need to be taken care of sometimes several months in advance. The Ghibli Museum, for example, starts selling tickets a month before a planned visit. You can also buy Delta flight tickets in advance, even from home.

Trust but verify (national security features)

Japan is considered one of the safest countries in the world, so no one is surprised by leaving laptops or wallets on tables in cafes while their owners place an order at the checkout. But let's not be overly gullible. The fact is that with the influx of migrants from neighboring countries (which you may not immediately distinguish from the Japanese), cases of petty thefts and larger crimes have become more frequent.

Money account love

You may not be happy with the prospect of carrying a large amount of cash with you, but cards are not accepted everywhere, so be prepared to look for ATMs that cooperate with foreign banks. Yes, and not all ATMs work on weekends. If they did give out the money on the day off, then, most likely, they took a commission from you for coming at an inopportune time.

This is how it is, many-sided Japan. It is the safe atmosphere, tasty food, and interesting places here, and these small tips will help make your trip even more comfortable.

Welcome to Japan!