Cutomer Name

I've spent quite a lot of time traveling over the past few years. I lived in India for a year, exploring different parts of the Indian subcontinent, facing both joy and bliss, as well as pain and suffering, plunging into the maelstrom of contrasts and contradictions of this amazing country.


Indeed, thanks to travel, a person becomes stronger, matures, gets rid of prejudices, develops horizons, and revises his values.

Be Conscious

I remember from childhood how my parents, whom no one had ever taught meditation before, sat down before each trip and spent about half a minute in silence.

With meditation my mind is focused and calm, a fruitful space is born inside for new insights, insights. I always return from my amazing Sky Fly Trips with a bunch of new plans and ideas.

Leave time for rest during rest

I do not like "rest" from the category of "gallop through Europe": visit 10 places in 5 days. Yes, I know, so many of my compatriots love to travel. You can hear at the same time: "Well, I just want to have time to see everything!"

"I have heard from different people:" I do not like beach holidays "The fact is that such a person simply does not know how to relax."

Why should I just "look"? Well, I saw with my own eyes the Himalayas, so what's next? I can “see” these places in photographs.

My task as a traveler is to penetrate someplace, to absorb its spirit.

Therefore, even if I have only a week, I try to spend it in one place, if I like this place.

I love to lie on the beach.

Go with the flow

I always prefer to travel “savage”, book hotels, buy cheap flight tickets, decide for myself which places I go to. I don't like walking like a ruler in a crowd of tourists with cameras. I like freedom, independence, and choice.

Explore Traditions and Find Hidden Gems

I was always amazed by tourists who, arriving in India, did not leave the coast anywhere, diligently avoiding a collision with the local cuisine (trying to order something quasi-European in restaurants) and generally fenced themselves off from the local culture in every possible way.

Curb the Inner Toad

I am very frugal myself. And I often notice the same frugality in my compatriots on vacation and travel.

Before I plan my trip, I look for promotions and interesting airfare deals. The pricing of air tickets is very simple, the more advance you book your flights, the more affordable the ticket costs.

Travel, visit other parts of the world, absorb new experiences, get acquainted with an unusual culture, get to know people.

After all, thanks to travel, people grow up.